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WFP News

WFP News provides a place for members to publish their own notices within a range of categories, which are accessible from the button bar on the left. Each notice may have a title, a description, a link to another URL, and the ability to show an optional file or document. The notice will automatically be removed at the expiration date, thus keeping the website current. In order to post a notice to the gazette, members are required to have a designated user name and password.

To send an item for publication

To modify an existing item


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Educational Articles


Jobs and Funding

Products and Treatments

Upload and Edit Notices

To Send an Item for Publication:

  • Press the Upload/Edit Notices button on the left. Then complete the following fields.

    Category: Select from the drop down list

    Title: Please provide a short title. Further details can be added in the description below.

    Description: Use this field to add significant details. Remember that you can attach a longer document if needed, as well as being able to give a URL to your own website.

    Valid Until: Give a date for the expiration of the notice. The default is set to one month from the posting, but this can be changed if needed.

    Optional URL: Provide this if there is another website that gives further information.

    Optional File: This can be a text document or a picture. If it is a graphic the browser will resize it to fit the designated space, which then acts as an icon and can be opened. Please keep these files small, since large files take a long time to upload and download. Press the browse button to search your own computer to find the file you wish to send to the gazette page. Do not close while uploading is under way. When the upload is complete the Optional File field becomes empty.

  • When you have completed all the fields you require press Post Item.

To Modify an Existing Item:

  • Scroll down the page to find the title of the posting you wish to edit.

  • Click on the title and the form opens to allow you to make changes.

  • You can edit any text entries.

  • You can replace the existing Optional File.

  • When you are ready press Update Item.